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2Hand EasyReach Aluminium 60cm

Product Code: FELCO 200A-60


Brand: Felco

$175.00(inc GST)

In Stock


$147.71(inc GST)

In Stock


Two-Length 50 Cm (19.7 In.) - Straight Cutting Head

Product Code: FELCO 200A-50

There is no blunting the versatility of the FELCO 

$99.77(inc GST)

Limited Stock Please Call


Two-Lopper - Length 84 cm (33.1 in)

Product Code: FELCO 22

If you‚??ve ever overheard a conversation about the FELCO 22 loppers you‚??ll be aware of just how creative our users can be when trying to...

$330.00(inc GST)

In Stock


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