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We are Australia's Largest provider of Animal Clippers, Grooming Products and Repair Services at very Competitive Prices. Please feel free to Call us on 03 5996 2777.

Providing sales, service & blade sharpening to: Professional Dog Groomers, Dog Breeders & Exhibitors, Dog Owners, The Equine Industry, Vets, Hairdressers. Trade Enquiries Welcome


Groomer's Edge Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

This comprehensive range of natural dog shampoo and dog conditioner is the ultimate grooming solution which will take care of all your dog's bathing requirements. Combined with dilution ratios of up to 50:1* Groomer's Edge Pet Shampoo and Pet Conditioner is the most economical and pet friendly solution on the market. Do your dog and your hip pocket a favour and buy it now!

Browse the Groomer's Edge Shampoo range here
Browse the Groomer's Edge Conditioner range here
(*Dilution ratios vary between different formulas e.g. Groomer's Edge Ultimate Shampoo 50:1 and Groomer's Edge Keri-Cot Conditioner 4:1)

Clipper Blade Clearance Sale

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