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Retro Stylist Wear Suzy Green Large

Retro Stylist Wear Suzy Green Large

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  • [Water Resistant] Remain dry & comfortable all day, een during messy baths, with this quick-drying & water-resistant dog grooming smock.
  • [Hair Resistant & Fur Resistant] Ensure a professional & tidy appearance with our hair-resistant & fur-resistant pet grooming jacket. Effortlessly brush or blow off hair.
  • [Durable Fabric] Crafted from durable 100% polyester for long-lasting wear without weighing you down. Stands up to the wear & tear of cat or dog grooming, including bathing & nail scratches.
  • [All-Day Comfort] Stay comfortable in our grooming smock that is made of lightweight materials.
  • [Smart Vents & Chic Collar] Strategically placed vents at hips and sleeves allow for easy unrestricted movement. Stylish collar adds to the overall look of this grooming apparel.
  • [Zipper] A hidden double zipper designed to keep hair out, complemented by a sleek pull for added polish to the pet grooming smock.
  • [Pockets] Two pockets on either side of the grooming smock. Reversed for easier access. Large enough to hold essentials like shears and cellphone.
  • [Relaxed Fit] Relaxed, yet stylish fit that maintains a flattering silhouette.
  • [Professional] Designed to impress clients with its presentation & style. Easily maintain a polished look by quickly wiping off fur & debris.
  • [Color] Available in exclusive colors and prints. 

Product Code: SG-LG

Brand: Retro Stylist Wear