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Notes From The Grooming Pocket Pals - 2nd Edition

Notes From The Grooming Pocket Pals - 2nd Edition

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Notes From Grooming Table Pocket Pal 2nd Edition

The abridged version of the Best Selling Notes from the Grooming Table.

Notes Pocket Pal is a simple informational guide right at your fingertips! Melissa Verplank has pulled the parts you love best about "Notes from the Grooming Table" and put the directions, strategically placed, around the artwork for easy reference and put it into this little booklet which will easily slip into your smock pocket or grooming kit. You will refer to The Notes Pocket Pal over and over again. There is an immeasurable amount of information in this tiny package

Concise version of the Best Selling Grooming guide
Art & pictures for demonstration & understanding
Pocket sized for on the go
Key information, easy to grab in one place


Brand: Melissa Verplank