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ProGroom Deodorising Shampoo - Jade 5 Litre

ProGroom Deodorising Shampoo - Jade 5 Litre

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ProGroom‚?ʬ†formerly Jade is a unique deodorant shampoo formulated to neutralize and remove bad odors from the canine coat and leave the pet smelling fresh and friendly.



  • Deodorises and removes bad odors, leaves a fresh clean scent.
  • Good for all coat types, will not alter coat texture. Safe for old or young pets.
  • Gentle cleansing with no drying of coat or skin.
  • Easy rinse soap-free formula leaves no residue.
  • Long lasting fresh fragrance.
  • pH balanced for safety and effectiveness



  • Recommended dilution is 6:1.
  • For extraordinarily foul problems, pre-bathe with Pro Groom Pro Amber shampoo and use Pro Jade as a second shampoo at 4:1 dilution.
  • Leave in five minutes for optimum results.
  • Follow with ProGroom Rehydrating conditioner.

Product Code: DE-JS-5L

Brand: ProGroom