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ProGroom Black Shampoo  2 Litre

ProGroom Black Shampoo 2 Litre

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Black shampoo is designed with optical pigments to enhance black and dark coats use to optimize the lustrous appearance of the coat. It will deepen the depth of colour and give an appearance of greater blackness to the coat.



  • Adds depth, shine and gloss
  • Makes black coat appear blacker and enhances dark colours
  • Will enhance the appearance of dull or damaged coats
  • Does not build up or damage coat
  • Neutralizes the redness common to sun-bleached black coats
  • Long lasting fruity berry fragrance
  • Has matching cologne Delightful
  • Economical concentrated formula



  • Dogs, cats and all small animals
  • All coat types
  • Dry and damaged Coats
  • Faded coats
  • Excellent for Scottish Terriers, Black Russian Terriers, Affenpinschers, Black Cockers, and any black, or brindled coats

Product Code: BL-BS-2L

Brand: ProGroom