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Bio Plus 5 Litre Concentrate

Bio Plus 5 Litre Concentrate

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Bio Plus 5 Litre - Green Cleaning

BIO PLUS can provide you with a sustainable solution to your current cleaning system. By reducing the amount of cleaners to one Green Biological Cleaner using BIO PLUS, you are essentially creating a more efficient work force.

Calfarme BIO PLUS also will continue to protect against new contaminants throughout the day, unlike traditional chemical cleaners.

BIO PLUS Biological system will save resources such as water, time, and money, giving you a sustainable edge over your competitors.

BIO PLUS Concentrate:

Multi‚??Purpose Biological Cleaner/Deodoriser & Drain Maintainer


For grease trap maintenance, toilet and drain maintenance, odour eliminator, Insect control, kitchen floors, toilet fixtures, floors, carpets and vehicles etc.

 For spray cleaning/deodorizing, dilute 50Ml concentrate to 1 Litre of water in a spray bottle.

 After spray allow to dry or mop clean with water.

Product Code: BIO-5L

Brand: Bio Plus