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Ashley Craig Show, Salon & Spa - Renew 500ml

Ashley Craig Show, Salon & Spa - Renew 500ml

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Formulated with patented breakthrough conditioning agents, also containing Keratin and Vitamins to replace everyday loss to the environment. This will increase the elasticity, decreasing the chance of breakage.


For Best Results - To be used diluted with SHOW SALON SPA 'WHITEN' CLEANSE & RESTORE

Mix 1 tablespoon or 1 cap per 16 ounces with 1 tablespoon or cap of WHITEN Dilutes into distilled water (These amounts can be tweaked for personal preference depending on coat quality)
Apply on to a dry well brushed coat for maximum absorbancy
Massage well into skin an coat and leave in for 10 minutes.
DO NOT RINSE Apply dilute CLEANSE on the treated coat, massage and rinse

The benefits to diluting Renew with Whiten yourself, is that some coats may need more of the Renew depending on coat quality. In addition it is also used as a mask for overnight conditioning.


Patented Breakthrough Conditioning Agents
Hydrolized Silk Protein
Panthanol & Glycerin Humectant
Alpha Keratin
Grape Seed
Salts & Natural Spa Water Minerals
Neutral Ph.
FREE from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate


Repairs, Volumizes, Rejuvinates and Straightens Coat
Soothing and Helps Skin Problems
Nourishes the coat
SAFE for Animals of all types and ages including lactating females

Product Code: AC-RENEW-500ml-SHAMP

Brand: Ashley Craig