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The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide - 4th Edition

The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide - 4th Edition

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The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide has undergone a total transformation in this 4th Edition, making it the grooming profession's leading text and essential resource for both novices and experienced groomers alike.

Now in full color, with all new color illustrations and completely rewritten instruction sets for each of the 193 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Also included for each breed are the latest popular alternative styles and pet trims.

Learn the grooming process from start to finish including the latest grooming techniques in use at grooming salons around the world, and explore, in-depth, the specialized equipment needed, grooming safety, handling, intake procedures, special grooming situations, corrective styling, business promotion, and everything in between that you will need to know to create masterful results.

Written for those who love dogs, and enjoy working with them in the most humane ways possible, no other grooming book emphasizes the health, safety and well-being of both the dog and the groomer while maximizing time saving techniques and presenting new income.

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