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Magic Tails Hair Hold 250ml

Magic Tails Hair Hold 250ml

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Magic Tails Hair hold is a water-based formulation that has been designed to be used on dry hair or clean damp hair. Hair Hold is formulated for strong hold, dries invisible and leaves no residue build up. It is water based formulation, non flammable and can easily be washed out of the hair/coat. The extra hold makes it easier to grip the hair when plaiting, it can also be sprayed over a finished style to keep the hair/coat in place.

For best results comb or brush the mane, tail or coat before application. For those difficult and knotty areas spray with Magictails Spray Shine, this will detangle the hair allowing the comb or brush to glide through difficult areas

Product Code: MT-HAIRHOL-250ml

Brand: Magic Tails