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Drontal Bay-O-Pet Med/Dog 5Tab

Drontal Bay-O-Pet Med/Dog 5Tab

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What worms does Drontal treat?

Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms and Tapeworms (Echinococcus granulosus - Hydatid tapeworms), (Dipylidium caninum - common flea tapeworm) (Taenia spp., Taenia ovis, T. pisiformis,
T. hydatigena). Also aids in the control of shedding oocysts of the protozoan Giardia spp in dogs.

How often should I worm my dogs?

Hookworms and Roundworms - Dogs and Puppies treat at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks of age and then every month until six months of age, thereafter every 3 months or on veterinary advise.

Whipworms - Treat every 6 to 8 weeks after 3 months of age.

Tapeworms - treat every 3 months except in a hydatid tapeworm area where every 6 weeks is recommended, or on veterinary advise. Dogs can become re-infested with worms and treatment should be repeated.

Will I see worms in my dogs faeces after Drontal?

In most cases worms are rapidly killed in the intestines of the dogs and are broken down internally. In some instances if high burdens of worms are present, worms may be seen in faeces up to 48 hours after treatment. This is most commonly seen with roundworms.

Can I treat pregnant bitches?

Yes. It is recommended to treat pregnant bitches prior to mating, then 10 days before whelping and at 2 and 4 weeks after whelping.

Does Drontal treat Giardia?

Drontal is the ONLY Allwormer registered to control Giardia sp in dogs. Giardia is a protozoan
parasite found commonly in dogs and is frequently a cause of diarrhoea in puppies. Drontal should
be administered at the correct dosage for body weight for 3 consecutive days.
It is important that Giardia has been correctly diagnosed by a veterinarian.

If my dog has food allergies can I use the Drontal chewable?

It is not recommended to use Drontal chewables in the case of dogs with food allergies, because the flavoured constituent can originate from pork, beef or lamb combinations. In cases of food allergic dogs Bayer recommends the use of Drontal tablets.

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