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Felco 11 & Felco 600 Combo

Felco 11 & Felco 600 Combo

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  • FELCO 11 & Felco 600 Combo Deal

    If precision cutting and durability are high on your agenda then these pruning shears /secateurs will tick the box, and will no doubt satisfy your requirements in so many more ways. The ergonomic FELCO 11 pruning shears are a delight to use, easy to manoeuvre, while maintaining their scalpel-sharp and precise cutting edge for a long time. The proven FELCO 11 handle design is easy to grip in hands of all sizes thanks to the contoured finger grips. 

    The FELCO 600 pull-stroke pruning saw cuts its own path. Regardless of your intended task or occupation it�??s an indispensable tool on the job. With its sharp, long-life blade it tackles larger branches with certainty, comfort and ease. The FELCO 600 is light, compact and folds away, so you can easily put it in your pocket or backpack. But be sure you put it somewhere close to hand as its clean-cutting power ensures it will be in constant use


Brand: Felco