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Clipper World 10 for 8 Sharpening Deal

Clipper World 10 for 8 Sharpening Deal

$88.00(inc GST)


SAVE 20%


Get 10 clipper blades sharpened at Clipper World and only pay for 8*

*Offer available on all blade types including large and small animal. Blades must be in serviceable condition. Offer only available on multiples of 10.

Simply send your equipment to the address below.

Be sure to include:

1) Your Name:
2) Your Address:
3) Your contact phone number:
4) List of items being sent:
5) Your courier or AusPost Tracking No. if applicable.

If you are sending more than 1 lot of 5 blades for sharpening please ensure that you adjust your cart quantity accordingly before checking out. This means:

If you are sending 10 blades, cart qty = 1
If you are sending 20 blades, cart qty = 2
If you are sending 30 blades, cart qty = 3
and so on....

Send all items to:

Clipper World
PO BOX 647
Cranbourne VIC 3977

NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure ALL ITEMS are individually and SAFELY packed. Clipper World assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for damaged items received.

 Product Code: COMBO9SHARP

Category: Blade Sharpening

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