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ProGroom Brightening Shampoo  500ml

ProGroom Brightening Shampoo 500ml

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ProGroom‚?Ę Brightening Shampoo previously known as Pro Blue is designed to enhance coat colors and to optimize the lustrous appearance of the coat. It contains a proprietary optical brightener that will makes coats bright and colors pop.



  • Gentle thorough cleaning, leaving coat sparkling clean and luminous.
  • Makes whites appear whiter and colors brighter.
  • Will enhance the appearance of dull or damaged coats.
  • Good for all coat types, may soften coat.
  • Will not irritate, gentle on skin.
  • Easy rinse, soap-free formula. Long lasting Fragrance ‚?? Delightful Scent
  • pH adjusted for safety and effectiveness.



  • Can be diluted up to 6:1.
  • Dilute less or use full strength as a second shampoo for discolored or extremely dull coats.
  • Can be used with a Hydrobath for modest brightening.
  • For detangling or deep combing, follow with ProGroom‚?Ę Rehydrating Conditioner or rinse with a solution of Pro Magic.

Product Code: BR-BS-500

Brand: ProGroom