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X-Out Pet Fresh Breath Spray 60ml

X-Out Pet Fresh Breath Spray 60ml

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Use X-OUT Organic Pet Fresh to eliminate bad breath odours in all pets. Its handy and portable glove box, console or purse size means that it can be readily used anywhere, anytime where you and your pets are. Pet breath odours don't stand a chance when X-OUT Organic Pet Fresh goes to work

A natural, non-toxic organic plant extract with no added chemicals and one of the safest products of its kind, it only takes a couple of sprays of X-OUT Organic Pet Fresh onto the back or palm of your hand (and to have your pet lick it from your hand) to eliminate most pet breath odours and it continues to work long after it has been applied.

This product is 100% organic, safe and non-toxic to people, pets, plants and the environment.

Available in 60ml.

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