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Cavalier All Purpose 4 Pc Gullet Set

Cavalier All Purpose 4 Pc Gullet Set

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Cavalier All Purpose 4 Pc Gullet Set
4 PC Gullet Bar set for Cavalier Saddles Narrow, Medium Narrow, Medium Wide & Wide. Cavalier Saddles come pre fitted with the Medium size gullet Instructions to change the gullet plate : Pull back the flap inside the gullet after undoing the Velcro strip. Undo Phillips head screws situated just behind the Saddle D rings under both skirts Pull both panels down off the Synthetic tree points exposing the fitted metal gullet bar Undo both screws and replace it with the size gullet bar required Refit panel to the tree points and carefully line up the thread socket that is imbedded in the panel with the top screw situated behind the D ring and tighten.


Product Code: 7478

Brand: Cavalier