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Icon Worm Drive SFX

Icon Worm Drive SFX

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New Tension Sleeve Shape: Unique shape of the tension sleeve ensures free movement at all times.

Lighter Back Joint: 62 grams lighter than the ICON FX back joint, making it 159g lighter than the cyclone (12% lighter) providing reduced strain on the wrist and better weight distribution for improved balance.

Smaller Back Joint Cover: New slimmer back joint cover ensuring optimal comfort in the hand.

New Cogs: New cog material and improved teeth shape resulting in reduced noise and smoother running for longer.

Our Icon SFX has been crafted and tested with the biggest enhancements any Icon handpiece has ever seen. The innovations ensure optimal in-hand and grip comfort, more control and reduced strain. Achieve better shearing with improved responsiveness and balance from the front to the back with the Icon SFX.

The Icon SFX is a shearing handpiece designed for those who demand excellence in every cut. Elevate your shearing game, embrace the change, and experience a new level of efficiency in the toughest conditions. The Icon SFX: Where precision meets power, and control reigns supreme.


Note: Comb and Cutter not included.

Product Code: 721-182-WO

Brand: Heiniger