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Clipper Blade #50 / 0.4 mm Surgical Blade Set

Clipper Blade #50 / 0.4 mm Surgical Blade Set

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Heiniger Saphir Clipper Spare Blade set size 50 (707-905) 0.4mm cut

The 0.4mm blades are also known as surgical blades as they are the blades vets use to clip prior to surgery. These are the finest (closest cutting) blades available at 0.4mm clipping height.

These blade sets simply clip on and off at the touch of a button under the clipper.

Use Heiniger Clipper blade oil (also available on this site) to maximise blade life.

We believe Heiniger blades to be the best quality you can find on the market. There are a lot of cheaper blades, but getting what you pay for really applies with clipper blades. A professional dog groomer phoned me ordering genuine Heiniger blades, and when I mentioned the cheaper ones they said they had used them - but they had to be sharpened three times as often as the Heiniger blades. This made the Heiniger blades cheaper to run after two months, and gave a total cost of life for the Heiniger blade considerably lower than the 'cheaper' blades!

Heiniger A5 Clipper blades are interchangeable with other A5 blades, so if you want to improve your current clipper you can always bling it up with some Heiniger blades.

Product Code: 707-905

Brand: Heiniger