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SaphirCord Small Animal Clipper Au #10 Blade (Black)

SaphirCord Small Animal Clipper Au #10 Blade (Black)

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Heiniger Saphir cord, has the same stylish finish as the Saphir Style, but in grey, it is mains powered.

Quiet and powerful 35w permanent magnet motor

Power transformer in the plug, with a lightweight cable connected to the clipper which is easy to manoeuvre during clipping, this carries only 7.2V, an excellent safety attribute

3,200 dbs/min to cope with any coat texture.

3M power cable

Detachable blade system compatible with A5 blades, supplied with a No. 10 Blade

Wide range of Heiniger small animal clipper blades available

Lightweight and perfectly balanced in the hand

Swiss engineering


Product Code: 707-702

Brand: Heiniger